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– come rain or sunshine, we're ready

Scandinavia has 4 seasons a year and each of them is a delightful excuse to change your style to something different or new. Whether it's a new pair of sunglasses, a scarf or a small umbrella for your bag we always have something new to share with you for the next change. 

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In Scandinavia we celebrate Christmas on the 24th December, while in many other countries is not until the 25th.

Yes, we like to say we are ahead of time!

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Let’s get it right: Spring is March, April and May. Summers' months are June, July and August, autumn is September through October to November and Winter is December, January and February.

Even the weather sometimes forgets which month belong to which season, but this is how it is. And isn’t it funny that if we had 3 months of sun, we actually long for the Autumn just like we look forward going from winter to spring and see the days get longer. The 4 seasons are actually very well planned!

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