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– gifts and decor

Give and you shall get! Lätt Liv is the perfect place to shop for gifts - we have around 4000 different products and style for all genders, ages and tastes. Fancy giving a present to yourself, we have everything to decorate your own space and to spoil your self a little bit.

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Give and you shall get!

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The joy of giving! A monk once told us a story that he traveled to Thailand to stay in a temple. They served only rice which he didn't like and chicken which he couldn't eat as he was a vegetarian. One day he was given a cold cola and was looking forward to drink it in the hot sun later. A small boy came to him and looked at the cola with big eyes, so big that he gave it to the boy, even he had looked so much forward to it himself.
Had he drunk the cola himself, he would have had 10 minutes of pleasure only, but by giving it away he had the joy of telling this story over and over again, sharing with us all!


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