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– build your digital wardrobe

Technology is today also for fashionistas, matching the colour of your headphones to your sweaters or accessories. To build your digital wardrobe today, it is so easy and so cheap. Our digital products are both for him and her – and for today and for tomorrow!

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Did you know that the first iPhone was announced at 29th June in 2007 by Apple founder Steve Jobs? One month later it was on the market named iPhone 3G for a cost of 499/599 USD.

Today Lätt Liv has plenty of accessories to many of the different smart phone on the market. Come and build you own digital wardrobe.

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Warnings – yes, warnings here from us! 

Even we love all the possibilities of new technology today, be careful it doesn’t take overhand. Put your phone away when you are with friends, when you eat and before sleep. Instead speak with them, enjoy your meal and let your brain get a rest too.


When reading something on the internet, you shall use your common sense. Can it be true, who wrote this and why? And when sending a message, you must remember there is a person in the other end – be kind and gentle as if you were standing face to face!

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