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– don't follow fashion, create your own!

We have a wide variety of fashion accessories, also something that will fit you. Our accessories are so affordable that you can match any of your wardrobe with just a small budget. Find the collection that fits you and be your self – you are already a beautiful person, we merely just help you expressing your personality.

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You don't need to change your whole wardrobe, just to get a new style. Sometimes it's just about adding a small accessory or combining your wardrobe in a new way.

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Latt Liv fashion accessories LEFT

Lätt Liv fashion accessories are for all ages, young to senior, even men to women thus we admit that we have more girly stuff!

When one gets older we get more aware of ourselves – and we know our own taste better. Fashion pieces can change your style, but it is actually more about being authentic, being you!


Clothes can be a human decoration that projects who we are and with additional wearables, you can make an even stronger statement. People around will feel warmer about us when we dress more authentic, rather than out of a glitter magazine. Fashion is being yourself.

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