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Supply Chain Advantage

• Diverse categories, rich product lines, cost-effective products
• Top design,brand unification
• Predict fashion trends and needs for precise product development
• Private brand customized services

• Data inventory management, service retail enterprises, destock

• Multiple business cooperation models

• E-commerce service development

• Multi-brand operations

• Personalized products /well-known IP derivatives development and design


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Back-end support

Our back-end support is your guaranty. LÄTT LIV has over the years built a strong back-end support that assures everyone a safe and secure stability so each franchisee can concentrate on the business in their local area.


- Large, strategically located warehouse.

- Logistic setup to serve currently 4,000 SKUs product offerings to 5 continents.

- Training consultancies to assure a consistent brand representation worldwide.

- Presence on social media like Instagram, Facebook and WeChat primarily.

- Strong team of Asian and international staffs with years of overseas   


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Fact box


Foshan warehouse can reach the large international ports of Yantian, Shekou and Huangpu within 2 hours.


Equipped with WMS making sure to allocate stocks precisely and in shortest time.


120 million RMB minimum goods on stock.

400 pcs handling per hour per person.

7 million RMB goods handling per day.

Warehouse is 30,000 ㎡.

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Fact box


4,000 SKUs product offerings are available.

100-300 new products and styles constantly updated in our stores each month.

5 continents markets: Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and America.


SoMe online

As we are expanding to more countries, you can always find us worldwide on our social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website and WeChat. In China we also have our online store on Taobao and JD.COM.

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Seeing the world


We attend exhibitions and fair around the world and each year franchisees are invited to our annual international fair. Spreading the word, exchanging ideas.

Strong team

Besides our strong team of overseas franchisees who give us a world of knowledge each day, thousands of staffs standing firmly together make the wheels turn around. At our HQ in Guangzhou it is a mix of different nationalities walking in and out of the door of LÄTT LIV to serve you well.

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