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Scandinavian inspired lifestyle stores!


Nice to meet you!


Do you also believe that simple life is a life worth living? Like the Scandinavians are known for their simple design and relaxed lifestyle, we cherish this too! Lätt Liv is a chain of international variety stores offering you a range of design products and daily needs that everyone likes, and everyone can afford.

Lätt Liv is Swedish meaning “easy life”.

Every month in Lätt Liv we offer new products together with many of our classic items, so there is always a surprise waiting for you in the store, yet you still feel at home! 

Wait a moment!


As we are expanding rapidly we are also making a lot of changes. The website you are looking at now is our temporary step towards a new beginning. Please come back in mid November to experience an all new exiting website. In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Instagram or visit one of our stores.

We continue opening new stores around the world - keep an eye out for your country too!

Come join us!

Hej så länge (Swedish for 'see you')! 

Easy life

– Scandinavian inspired living

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all together called Scandinavia. Known for their easy relaxed and simple lifestyle. They have a tradition for decorating their homes as they spend a lot of their free time here.


Scandinavians have built a tradition of good craftsmanship and innovative design recognised all over the world.

Did you know this about us?

We have 8 different product categories in our stores. Each month we change between 100 to 300 items so there is always something new waiting for you!

Many people ask us why we are so cheap? We don't understand this question, instead we ask why are everyone else so expensive?

Lätt Liv's HQ is in Guangzhou where we are a mix of Chinese and Scandinavian people working closely together.

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