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Our story

Our story begins with a woman named Ying, and her husband, Shengqiang from Guiyang, China.


Ying started her career as a fashion designer, while Shengqiang worked in the tourist industry. As a young couple recently married, they followed their dreams and travelled to another city, Zhongshan, where they opened their very first clothing outlet. Fashion and apparel was their primary industry with Ying using her creative talent and experience while Shengqiang implementing his capability to build a network and grow the business. As they decorated the clothing outlet with house inventory items to create a homely feel, customers came not only to buy clothes, but also asked if they could buy the shop decoration items too!


Thus, a new idea was born and a brand-new outlet full of affordable, carefully selected household items was planned as their next project to start. Ying and Shengqiang created a mission to let everyone enjoy simple good design products at a very friendly price – the Scandinavian way. Things grew quickly since the days of it being a small start-up business. One outlet became 2, then 3, then 10 and then…a lot! The outlets are today called Lätt Liv. 

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Lätt Liv means “easy life” in Swedish and this is where the Scandinavians come in. Both Ying and Shengqiang frequently travelled to Scandinavia and today keep close contact with many Swedish, Norwegian and Danish people. Ying and Shengqiang both enjoyed the Scandinavian ideas of an easy, simple lifestyle, free from stressors, and made it their mission to share this with the rest of the world.


One thing the Scandinavians are renowned for is their innovative and long-lasting products, while the Chinese are passionate about quick action and are equipped with mass production facilities. Win-win together!


Knowing that these two regions had something in common, a team was built across borders. Today there are hundreds of outlets in China and Lätt Liv is currently spreading over 5 continents around the world. That’s just the beginning!


While Scandinavian designers continue to walk in and out of the doors at Lätt Liv headquarters in Guangzhou, Ying and Shengqing continue their travels to Scandinavia to gather more ideas and expand on the range of products provided.


This is our story so far. We have only just begun this first chapter in our book and there is so much more waiting ahead for all of us – you're invited too!


Lätt Liv – easy life

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