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We love Instagram and we do most stories and shots byour self. We have two inhouse photographers, Kelvin and Justin and both of them are climbing ladders, hanging from ceilings and bend like acrobats to get the best shots! They are very daring.

Each product is carefully selected to match what is in our stores, so there is an international team who each 1-2 month plans the products in advance. The design team then bring it all alive with either stories, movies or slideshows and the rest of the staffs need to step in as hand models, actors or whatever ideas we come up with!


About 25% of our post is about Scandinavia, so our people from Sweden and Denmark are writing stores to share all about the easy life up North. 

Next time you see a post from us, knowing that all this work lies behind this – if you like to follow us, you can reach us at

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Our brave photographers in action with the team.

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