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Brand Introduction

The happiest countries in the world are in northern

Europe Because of the long night and the cold winter

the relationship between people and living objects is

closer Not to brand identity status, all to comfortable

simplicity first philosophy of life, is the secret of their

sustainable happiness.

LATT LIV hopes to spread the minimalist life philosophy

of northern Europe to every corner of the world, change 

people's life attitude with the product aesthetics of art

and life, and re-experience the beauty of life fun. The

problem of product homogenization is becoming

increasingly serious, hindering people's ideal pursuit

of quality of life and seriously affecting young people's

correct interpretation of fashion, personality and


LATT LIV is a design-driven brand. Through signing

contracts with more than 100 independent fast fashion

designers around the world, it has created over 80%

products with design inspiration and practical functions

A further 20% of the products are produced by more

than 100 buyers around the world who capture the

popular elements, search for the most suitable

manufacturers around the world, continuously optimize

the overall supply chain, invest in high degree of

automation and mass production, and provide people

with good products at a good price.


Brand Story

LATT LIV is a combination of "LATT" and "LIV" in Swedish

LIV English is "life". Convey the value proposition that

"simplicity and enjoyment are the core of life, simplicity is

not laziness and negativity, but positive freedom".


Brand Concept

[consumption-oriented] enables customers to

experience "reasonable but not luxurious" products

through extreme design and extremely high cost

performance, thus liberating people's material pressure

and enjoying shopping happiness.

[emotion orientation], both to reflect the common

demand of "home", also want to reflect the different

personality, no longer blindly pursue extravagance and

waste, also won't blindly pursue cheap and convenient,

and for the interpretation of his own life more rich and

more full of deck, which aspects of life are derived from

the coordination, the pursuit of unity and wholeness.

[environmental protection orientation], design-based,

material-based, eliminate luxury packaging and all

unnecessary processing and color addition; In order

to ensure the health of every customer, we will eliminate

the harmful materials to human body, actively improve

the production process, maximize energy saving,

long-term cooperation with environmental protection

organizations, to provide a variety of environmental


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