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Customer Obsession

Invest and create around the most important needs in people's lives.


Emotional Connection

Be committed to explore the value pursuit of new life with unique inspiration, touching design, emotional connection and trust.



Deepen the connection with people in creative and novel ways, and respond to potential needs with design.


Unique Design

Create original works with a sense of design and functionality by original cultural team. Work hard to create artistic life.


LÄTT LIV relies on the technological strengths of to realize the integration of supply chain and achieve the coordination of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow.

Based on this, LÄTT LIV seeks the most competitive suppliers with a global perspective,  improves procurement efficiency and reduces procurement costs through resource integration and complementary advantages so as to provide consumers around the world with affordable, high-quality  products and improve their quality of life.

Brand Strengths

Affordable pricing: we find the best global manufacturers to supply premium products at a low cost by optimizing the supply chain, investing in highly automated factories and producing in large quantity as well as good quality. From design, R&D, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing to selling, we put enormous efforts into each link directly without bearing any middleman cost, simply to offer customers safe, reliable, and affordable products.

Top design: with a team of professional Scandinavian designers who have perfected original designs with functionality, we introduce these fashion-forward, chic products to customers’ everyday life.

Diverse products: nearly 4000 SKUs varieties of products are being sold at every single Lätt Liv outlet. Eight categories including Household, Beauty & Body, Digital Accessories, Bags, Fashion Accessories, Seasonal Products, Stationeries, and Gifts & Decor are available to cover every part of daily life.

Easy to join: we offer comprehensive support for new franchisees, including site selection, decoration and fixtures, products, delivery, brand promotion, business commencement, operation management, and training, etc.

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