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 LÄTT LIV Forges Ahead for Brand Internationalization

Although the globe was affected by the COVID-19 and economic downturn, LÄTT LIV found its inroad into the overseas market with global foresight. In 2021, LÄTT LIV stayed committed to further develop overseas market and promote the internationalization of Chinese brand.

LÄTT LIV has been entering in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe and Africa market since it took its first step on the road of internationalization in 2018. Upholding the concept of Creating a Carefree and Better Life, LÄTT LIV strives to impress overseas consumers with its products and brand concept and cultivate their interest in Chinese culture.

Dubai Mall2.jpg

(The first LÄTT LIV store in Dubai will make debut in Dubai Mall)

As entering the 21st century, the global economy has shown a trend of market internationalization, enterprise trans-nationalization, capital multi-nationalization and fierce competition. As the result of the economic globalization, brand internationalization has become a crucial development strategy for an enterprise or even a country. In spite of the impact of COVID-19, LÄTT LIV made great efforts in overseas market in 2021. For instance, LÄTT LIV successfully entered Morocco, Mongolia, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, and other oversea retail markets, promoting the brand internationalization of LÄTT LIV.

Store in Morocco,opening soon 2.jpg

(Design effect picture of first LÄTT LIV store in Morocco)

LÄTT LIV has well-capitalized business partners in overseas market. The general agent of Morocco is a family business with a history of more than 30 years, whose main business is textile and furniture retail. It is also the agent of Adidas and sell wholesale Adidas in Saudi Arabia. The general agent of Mongolia also acts for 18 international brands such as Canada Goose, Liu Jo, Adidas, Reebok and Levi' s, as well as the largest e-commerce platform in Mongolia. Although LÄTT LIV team has never met with overseas agents because of Covid-19, these agents are still deeply attracted by LÄTT LIV. The general agent of The United Arab Emirates is a retail company with decades of history, committed to providing cost-effective products. Headquartered in Dubai, it has the agency rights of well-known clothing brands in France, Italy, Spain and other countries. It is said that first LÄTT LIV store in Dubai will open in Dubai Mall. The general agent of Mauritius is a well-known local retailer with a history of more than 40 years, owning a dozen stores. LÄTT LIV created new retail mode and operation mode, standing out among the traditional retail brands. 


With the prospect of being global outstanding retailer, LÄTT LIV made great progress. It has opened thousands of retail stores all over the world and developed nearly 6, 000 kinds of products. Detail-oriented concept has won unanimous praise from worldwide business partners and consumers. Looking forward to the future, LÄTT LIV will work harder to further establish good strategic cooperative relations with worldwide business partners and offer cost-effective commodities to consumers.

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