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2 worlds in 1

Lätt Liv is Swedish, meaning “easy life”. We believe a simple life enjoying the little things is the best life. 

Just as the Scandinavians are known for their simple designs and relaxed lifestyles, we at Lätt Liv cherish this too! Lätt Liv originated in Asia and has grown to be international chain of variety stores offering a wide range of products to meet your daily needs and wants, while keeping affordability in mind.

Every month in Lätt Liv, we bring in loads of new products along with many of our classic items, so there is always a surprise waiting for you in the store, while still feeling at home!

Lätt Liv is 2 worlds in 1. A combination of the best from China and Scandinavia / East and West. Chinas highly efficient and large production setup and Scandinavian’s sense of detail and innovation within design.

While Scandinavia is also know as an expensive place to live and China more affordable, we combine the best from the two worlds and sharing it with you. Our mission:


"Lätt Liv combines the strength of Asia and Scandinavia, 2 worlds into 1,
to provide affordable, well designed everyday products for everyone around the world."

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Sweden, Norway, and Denmark come together to form the region known as Scandinavia. People here are known for their relaxed lifestyle, with a respected tradition for decorating their homes with warm and cosy interior designs since they spend a lot of their free time here. For years, Scandinavians have built a tradition of good craftsmanship and innovative design recognized all over the world. 


In our main office in Guangzhou, people from both China and Scandinavia are working together and many of our independent designers are working directly out of Scandinavia. Our colleagues travel not only to Scandinavia, but around the world to meet with local markets.


Currently Lätt Liv has stores on 5 continents and since our beginning we have opened a store each 5 days in average. We are offering 4,000 products to you and each month we change 100-300 different styles and design.

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