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Step by step

Getting into a new business is like walking on the thin ice - or is it?
Not for us, and should not be for you neither, if you choose Lätt Liv as your new venture. We have a proven record for inviting new members into our Lätt Liv universe which make them feel safe. Details are listed here step by step, from first handshake to final opening of your new store.

Cooperation flow

Let's get to know each other! We have a proven record for inviting new members into our Lätt Liv which make them feel safe, step by step. This is how we normally start: 



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Meet and greet to know each other.


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Discuss  new  franchising opportunities.

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Prepare and transfer funds

- franchisee and Lätt Liv begin to prepare business cooperation.

Upon successful conversation we proceed with signing agreement.


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Interested? Scroll down and see how the business flow works.

Business flow

Now that we know each other, we would like to share with you how we get you started with a new Lätt Liv stores. Our logistic system is both proved and improved over the years:

Shipping and payment

• Incoterms discussion.

• Opening plan.

• Prepayment to Lätt Liv HQ.

• Commodity and fixtures - shipping after agreed days of payments. 

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Business flow.png

Target store assessment

• Target store location(s) presented for review.

• Handover of “Overseas store application form” by franchisee / coordinator.

• Lätt Liv HQ review and approval.

• Rental agreement signing.

• Confirm the grace period and prepare files and information for store-designing.

Store working drawings

• Franchisee provides the “Lätt Liv New store design application form”

• Pass information to Design Department for review and start-up.

• Within 7 days, Design Department delivers working drawings and perspective drawings.

• Upon approval of final drawings, fixture list will be delivered within 7 days.

• Shipping of fixtures to target store(s).

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Store construction

• Based on the work drawings, contractor submits drawings for local approval.

• Upon local approved, construction commences.

• Construction completes within 45 days. 

• Supervision and acceptance check.

Store opening

• Campaign-preparation for opening ceremony. 

• Staff training 7 days in advance.

• Commodity display starts 3 days in advance. 

• Store opening, ceremony and celebration. 

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Daily operation

• Guide the store operating and management.

• Guide the warehouse management.

• Assistance and back up.

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