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Win-Win Cooperation and the First Investment Conference of LÄTT LIV Hunan Branch was Held Successfully

LÄTT LIV International, a well-known  designer brand, held the first investment conference of its Hunan Branch in the Vienna Hotel, Changsha, Hunan on 20th May, 2018.

Mr. Zhao Shengqiang, the President of LÄTT LIV, Ms Jin Yan, Vice President of LÄTT LIV, Mr. Yang Baigang, Director of Domestic Operations of LÄTT LIV, Mr. Jiang Chunfeng, Director of Overseas Operation of LÄTT LIV, and other executives of LÄTT LIV attended the conference, which also attracted other investors across the country and LÄTT LIV’s business partners.

Since its foundation two years ago, LÄTT LIV has been introducing the concept of ‘Life into Art and Art into Life’ and the attitude of ‘Born for Home and Live with Quality’ to help people seek the happiness of life. LÄTT LIV insists worldwide sources to provide easy life style to consumers with quality, fashionable, trendy, and a wide selection of products, as well as comfortable shopping environment like home.


The cost-effective products and thoughtful services earn not only considerable support from consumers and fans but also brand awareness and reputation. 

In the past year 2017, LÄTT LIV has completed its global development layout and will roll out the plan stage by stage. Stores are opened in Pakistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Panama. This Scandinavian fast fashion designer brand will continue to enter other markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East to expand its world reputation.


Currently LÄTT LIV has opened more than 500 stores across the globe and is now still looking for partners to expand its worldwide retail operations.

LÄTT LIV with its Retailing Business School is able to provide franchisees with dedicated, professional training of marketing and operation. These benefits belong to all franchise partners.

It is reported that the number of signing stores of this Win-Win Cooperation and the first investment conference exceeded expectations, which set a new record of LÄTT LIV. Looking forward to great success in Hunan.

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