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LÄTT LIV Opened the First Store in the Philippines

LÄTT LIV International, a well-known  designer brand, opened the first store in the Philippines on 14 June, 2018, which officially announced the entry of Philippine market since the signing ceremony by the end of 2017.

The new LÄTT LIV store located in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, seizes more than 100 square metres. Mr. Wu, CEO of LÄTT LIV Philippines also the President of GLAD, Mr. Shi, MD of LÄTT LIV Philippines also the President of Marisfrolg, Ms Megan Young, Ambassador of LÄTT LIV Philippines also Miss World 2013, and Mikael Daez, Ambassador of LÄTT LIV Philippines also famous model and actor attended the grand opening ceremony, which were reported by local media such as TV5 and GMA. Megan Young’s Facebook update regarding the grand opening of LÄTT LIV Philippine store received more than 1000 comments.


Founded in 2014, LÄTT LIV has been introducing the concept of ‘Life into Art and Art into Life’ and the attitude of ‘Born for Home and Live with Quality’ to help people seek the happiness of life. LÄTT LIV insists worldwide sources to provide easy life style to consumers with quality, fashionable, trendy, and a wide selection of products, as well as comfortable shopping environment like home.

The grand opening of the first LÄTT LIV store in the Philippines, as well as the cooperation with the Philippine partner, has partially completed the global development layout of LATTLIV, especially a great step forward in Southeast Asia. Currently LÄTT LIV has opened more than 600 stores worldwide, and among them, the monthly top sale has exceeded 600,000 RMB, and the annual total growth has exceeded 200%.


The Philippines is a multi-ethnic archipelago country located in Southeast Asia. After World War II, it took the opportunity to become one of the richest countries in Asia together with other countries such as Japan, Myanmar and Singapore. It is also an emerging industrial country, an emerging market in the world and a tropical tourist destination. However, economic development relies mainly on foreign investment. This mode has brought huge business opportunities and created a huge gap between the rich and the poor in Philippine society.

However, LÄTT LIV, signature with its cost-effective and Scandinavian simple but elegant designed products, will be able to improve current market situation in the Philippine. It meets the needs of ordinary people, and the most important thing is affordable. The Filipino will be much impressed by the fresh and comfortable shopping experience provided by LÄTT LIV.


Thanks to the right site, brand reputation, nice products, excellent services, and superior shopping environment, the Philippine LÄTT LIV store easily won the heart of community. During the opening hours, the store was full of shoppers, choosing on shelves, sharing with friends, rushing for the last piece, queuing even out of the store to pay, etc. This is a huge success!  

More stores are opening soon in the Philippines. LÄTT LIV is gradually showing its power in Asia, with its opened and soon-open stores in Pakistan, Indonesia, and other countries and regions. If you are happened to stay in Asia, congratulations! LÄTT LIV will soon ‘Simplify Your Life’, quoted from its slogan.

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