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Capture South Asian Market, LÄTT LIV’s Overseas Expansion - Nepal

LÄTT LIV, an original designer concept brand, signed strategic cooperation agreement with Nepalese agent on July 11th, 2023. Two stores will be opened in Nepal this year, and numerous original design items will enter Nepalese market. In 2023, LÄTT LIV boosts overseas expansion and drives Chinese brand becomes globalization.


(Caption: LÄTT LIV signs strategic cooperation agreement with Nepalese agent, first store is in preparation.)

Nepal, one of South Asian countries, has experienced a rapid economic growth these years. Nepalese living standard increases continually. Thus, local consumers’ demands for Fashion Lifestyle products increase accordingly in Nepal. Various fashion home and household retail stores spring up like mushrooms and they are very popular in Nepal. Nepalese agent catches current business trend accurately and he is confident in sustainable development of industry. To fulfill the local demands, LÄTT LIV is going to open 2 stores in Nepal in 2023, 4 stores in 2024 and 5 stores in 2025.


(Caption: Nepalese agent is learning about items selection in show room of LÄTT LIV.)

LÄTT LIV was founded in 2014, and signed cooperation agreement with Jade Invest and Charisma Partners in 2016. LÄTT LIV has launched overseas expansion ever since. In 2018, LÄTT LIV established a Pakistani retail company with a famous group of retail apparel industry in Pakistan. Where-after, LÄTT LIV expanded the markets in Indonesia, the Philippines, U.S., Australia, Hungary and South Africa. In 2019, LÄTT LIV signed strategic cooperation with and explored boundaryless retail together. Up until now, LÄTT LIV has opened stores in 40 countries and areas among five continents in the world.


Caption: LÄTT LIV opens stores in Indonesia, the Philippines, U.S., and Australia.

LÄTT LIV, a rapid growth Chinese retail brand, supplies premium products at a low cost by optimizing the supply chain, investing in highly automated factories and producing in large quantity as well as good quality. LÄTT LIV contains eight categories in 1000+ premium SKU: Households, Homewares, Fashion Acc, Health & Beauty, Stationery, Sports & Gifts, Seasonal Products, Bags and Digital Acc. Products of LÄTT LIV covers all details in consumers’ daily life. LÄTT LIV aims to deliver premium products for every customer.

The partnership with Nepal is a good example of Chinese brand and Made-in-China go deep into South Asian market. It’s believed that Nepalese consumers will get exquisite and high cost-effective products in LÄTT LIV store. Nepalese consumers will experience a good life and love Chinese brand.

In the future, LÄTT LIV will achieve a strategic cooperation with different countries and areas in the world. Also, global business of LÄTT LIV will scale new heights.

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