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LÄTT LIV means “Easy Life” and delivers the idea that life is more about simple happiness than passive idleness. We cherish simple, easy, innovative lifestyle and offer what exactly you want or need.

LÄTT LIV is a brand driven by the value of original design. Designers interpret the home lifestyle with a unique design language. Through innovative thinking and creative ideas exchange, they design works full of beauty merging with daily life scene, so that people can feel the temperature and convenience of beauty, and realize what kind of lifestyle they want. LÄTT LIV is committed to making every item cost-effective and practical to improve people's quality of life.



Customer Orientation: we're proud to let visitors experience the deep joy of life through finding quality products with functionality and top design at unrivalled prices in LÄTT LIV stores.


Affection Orientation: we're committed to provide consumers not only pleasant shopping tour or cost effective products, but also customized home decoration, simple lifestyle and unique life attitude.


Eco-friendliness Orientation: we focus on healthy manufacturing techniques by working with environmental protection organisations to offer natural and energy-saving products with non toxic substances.


Seasonal Products

Stationery, Sports & Gifts

Health & Beauty


Electronics & Digital Acc.


Home Acc.

Fashion Acc.

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